Newmarket Town Teams

Newmarket Town FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Kevin Grainger
Mobile: 07951 463104

Secretary: Phillip Green
Address: 21 Selwyn Close, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8DD
Mobile: 07762 734718

Fixture Secretary: Phillip Green
Address: 21 Selwyn Close, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8DD
Mobile: 07762 734718

Emergency Contact: Phillip Green 07762 734718

Newmarket Town U13

1jonah sumpterNewmarket Town U1300
2cian longNewmarket Town U1300
3jack saundersNewmarket Town U1300
4christoff schaertlinNewmarket Town U1300
5zak baldwinNewmarket Town U1300
6luis portlockNewmarket Town U1300
7ben curtisNewmarket Town U1300
8connor henryNewmarket Town U1320
9oscar deanNewmarket Town U1300
10tyler weaverNewmarket Town U1301
11ethan flackNewmarket Town U1301
12ethan leonardNewmarket Town U1300
15oliver sharpeNewmarket Town U1300
18Ben WestcottNewmarket Town U1300
21callum flemingNewmarket Town U1300

U13 Manager: Alfie Oakman
Mobile: 07845 755025

Newmarket Town U14

joseph WilsonNewmarket Town U1400
Danylo CarringtonNewmarket Town U1400
0Aaron Richard GarnerNewmarket Town U1400
1Archie FoxNewmarket Town U1400
2Liam PerrepontNewmarket Town U1400
3Ryan KavanaghNewmarket Town U1400
4Charlie RamsellNewmarket Town U1400
5Billy ProctorNewmarket Town U1400
6Isaac DearNewmarket Town U1400
7Sam BaconNewmarket Town U1400
8Filip TasiorNewmarket Town U1400
9Kacper BrzozowiecNewmarket Town U1400
10Jack TurnerNewmarket Town U1410
11Woody HarrapNewmarket Town U1400
12Daniel SymondsNewmarket Town U1400
14Jack HardimanNewmarket Town U1400
15Harry KellyNewmarket Town U1410
16Nathan DoyleNewmarket Town U1400
17Thomas MortonNewmarket Town U1400

U14 Manager: Jonathan Baldwin
Mobile: 07810 715571

Newmarket Town U15

1Samuel RudkinNewmarket Town U1500
2Matthew PearsonNewmarket Town U1510
3Charlie MorrisNewmarket Town U1541
4Michael HallNewmarket Town U1500
5Ethan KarpukNewmarket Town U1521
6Jake HumphriesNewmarket Town U1511
7Jay MitchamNewmarket Town U1502
8Aidan ElveNewmarket Town U15189
9Jack BrandonNewmarket Town U1511
10Benjamin LandshoffNewmarket Town U15209
11Jack LongNewmarket Town U1500
12Taylor SmythNewmarket Town U1569
13Cameron RaymentNewmarket Town U1502
14Callum Chambers ShawNewmarket Town U1535
15Joseph FitchNewmarket Town U1520
16Harvey NormanNewmarket Town U1535
17Ben PillingerNewmarket Town U1502
18Ben WilkinsonNewmarket Town U1503
20Brandon MorrisNewmarket Town U1532
21Jaime RamsayNewmarket Town U1500
22Miles SaundersNewmarket Town U1504

U15 Manager: Phillip Green
Mobile: 07762 734718

Newmarket Town U16

U16 Manager: Adrian Waslin
Mobile: 07949 126895