Leighton Town Teams

Leighton Town FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: James Bliss
Phone: 01525 382452
email: james.bliss@ltyfc.org.uk

Secretary: Nick Freeman
Adress: Melrose, Hillside Road, LU7 4JG
Phone: 01525 376903
email: nick.freeman@ltyfc.org.uk

Fixture Secretary: Chris Bosworth
Phone: 01525 374464
email: cj.bosworth@ntlworld.com

Leighton Town U17

U17 Manager: Graham Reynolds
mobile: 07415 246184
email: grahamreynolds26@btinternet.com
Emergency Contact: Grant Frost: 07508 899600

Leighton Town U18

U18 Manager: Gary Saywell
mobile: 07957 710439
email: g.sayell@sky.com