Hitchin Town Teams

Hitchin Town FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Terry Barratt
Mobile: 07836 558727
Email: terry@barrattsales.co.uk

Secretary: Roy Izzard
Address: 2 Bedford Road, Hitchin SG5 3XH
Mobile: 07803 202498
Email: roy.izzard@outlook.com

Fixtures Secretary: Nick Carr
Mobile: 07507 445099
Email: ejasecretary@hitchintownyouth.co.uk

Hitchin Town U13

1Jovan ThiaraHitchin Town U1300
1Neo DonoghueHitchin Town U1300
2Arbnor KerolliHitchin Town U1300
3Solomon CampbellHitchin Town U1300
4Sean TaylorHitchin Town U1300
5David RighiHitchin Town U1300
6Kyle DeversHitchin Town U1311
7Maxi St. LegerHitchin Town U1311
8Liam NelsonHitchin Town U1300
9Ramzan HussainHitchin Town U1310
10George CarrHitchin Town U1311
11Jamie HickmanHitchin Town U1300
12Cathal FeeHitchin Town U13140
14Byron ShandHitchin Town U1310
15Ben GardinerHitchin Town U1338
16Stanley HowellHitchin Town U1310
17Devaughn SibandaHitchin Town U1300
18Nala ThikaziHitchin Town U1300
20Richard KusorgborHitchin Town U1320

U13 Manager: Marc Campbell
Mobile: 07454 123692
Email: Majimood@hotmail.com

Hitchin Town U16

1Harvir DeansHitchin Town U1600
2Tobore EfeminiHitchin Town U1600
3Max HaresHitchin Town U1622
4Monty MaginnHitchin Town U1600
5Jack HolmesHitchin Town U1600
6Callum KentHitchin Town U1631
8James ThompsonHitchin Town U1611
9Mayomikun ElekolusiHitchin Town U1680
12Albert HepsoeHitchin Town U1600
14Sam NelsonHitchin Town U1620
15Taylor WalkerHitchin Town U1620
16Sam HeronHitchin Town U1632
19Oscar PryleHitchin Town U1600
20Liam CampionHitchin Town U1613
21Ant NygroHitchin Town U1640
29Tavian FadairoHitchin Town U1610
33Dan MaherHitchin Town U1625
36Dehnell BantonHitchin Town U1600

U16 Manager: Lee Walker
Mobile: 07581 165893

Hitchin Town U18

U18 Manager: Charlie Smith
Mobile: 07896 008958
Email: Charlie.smith33@hotmail.com