Haverhill Rovers Teams

Haverhill Rovers FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Alastair Shulver
Mobile: 07985 800290
Email: alastair.shulver@matthey.com

Secretary: Barbara Jones
Address: The New Croft, Chalkstone Way, Haverhill , Suffolk CB9 0BW
Home: 01440 702137
Email: barbarajoneshrfc@outlook.com

Fixture Secretary: Alastair Shulver
Address: 21 Bailey Close, Haverhill , Suffolk CB9 0LH
Mobile: 07967 278071
Email: alastair.shulver@matthey.com

Emergency Contact: Peter Betts 07539 229114

Haverhill Rovers U13

12Zachary BarnabyHaverhill Rovers U1300

U13 Manager: Alastair Shulver
Mobile: 07985 800290
Email: alastair.shulver@matthey.com

Haverhill Rovers U15

1Paul HerberholzHaverhill Rovers U1500
2Tom RoseHaverhill Rovers U1501
3Alex NorthHaverhill Rovers U1500
3Jayden CohenHaverhill Rovers U1500
4Theo DarvillHaverhill Rovers U1500
4Kyle CohenHaverhill Rovers U1500
5Dillon ValenteHaverhill Rovers U1540
5Elijah JabbieHaverhill Rovers U1500
6Charlie HotsonHaverhill Rovers U1501
7Danny Prince-JonesHaverhill Rovers U1522
8Travis HunsdonHaverhill Rovers U1500
9Mackenzie WestHaverhill Rovers U1500
10Patryk RolewiczHaverhill Rovers U1500
11Craig Martin-GowingHaverhill Rovers U1532
12Freddie LeesonHaverhill Rovers U1502
14Jack PalmerHaverhill Rovers U1551
15Matt MaginHaverhill Rovers U1500
16Connor WisemanHaverhill Rovers U1500
18Jack HardyHaverhill Rovers U1500
19Collins NwakorHaverhill Rovers U1532

U15 Manager: Peter Betts
Mobile: 07539 229114
Email: bettsyhaverhillrovers@hotmail.co.uk