Concord Rangers Teams

Concord Rangers FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Cliff Larkin
Mobile: 07973 236414

Secretary: Phil Crowe
Mobile: 07534 997284

Fixtures Secretary: Phil Crowe
Mobile: 07534 997284

Emergency Contact: john Smith 07956 589696

Concord Rangers U13

1Jack BruceConcord Rangers U1300
2Jack McCarthyConcord Rangers U1300
3Ruben VapiwalaConcord Rangers U1302
4Callum DiliwayConcord Rangers U1300
5Bobby BrayleyConcord Rangers U1330
6Callum KnowldenConcord Rangers U1300
7Samuel NagleConcord Rangers U1301
8Vincent ClarkeConcord Rangers U1302
9Charlie BottConcord Rangers U1374
10Lucas PolyblankConcord Rangers U1314
11Freddie HockeyConcord Rangers U1347
12Liam WagstaffConcord Rangers U1323
14Tommy SnellConcord Rangers U1300
15Jack DoyleConcord Rangers U1341
17Samuel RatcliffConcord Rangers U13107
18Freddie CroweConcord Rangers U1300

U13 Manager: Scott Wagstaff
Mobile: 07824 562143

Concord Rangers U14

1Joe durrantConcord Rangers U1400
2Ben wisewellConcord Rangers U1400
4Max mckennaConcord Rangers U1400
5Jay gingerConcord Rangers U1400
6Lewis butcherConcord Rangers U1400
7Ellis wilsonConcord Rangers U1400
8Jamie martConcord Rangers U1400
9Romie stonesConcord Rangers U1400
10Bailey pollardConcord Rangers U1400
11Ellis reganConcord Rangers U1400
12Freddie fullerConcord Rangers U1400
14Oliver roseConcord Rangers U1400
15Luke bullConcord Rangers U1400
16Connor polyblankConcord Rangers U1400
17Finley lewisConcord Rangers U1400
17Riley harrisConcord Rangers U1400
18Euan johnsonConcord Rangers U1400

U14 Manager: Darron Polyblank
Mobile: 07760 231176

Concord Rangers U15

Ben LeslieConcord Rangers U1500
2Tristan OgunfuwaConcord Rangers U1500
3Archie McFaddenConcord Rangers U1500
4Alex HernandezConcord Rangers U1500
5James SweetmanConcord Rangers U1500
7Ben SearchConcord Rangers U1500
7Ben SearchConcord Rangers U1500
8Ben BaxterConcord Rangers U1500
9Ben SargentConcord Rangers U1500
10Matthew BumpusConcord Rangers U1500
12Alfie LarkinConcord Rangers U1500
13Adam SullivanConcord Rangers U1500
14Taylor BanksConcord Rangers U1500
15Max FranzosiConcord Rangers U1500
16Jamie SimmonsConcord Rangers U1500
18Thomas RoserConcord Rangers U1500
20Michael OkofarConcord Rangers U1500
26HarrisonConcord Rangers U1500

U15 Manager: Danny Scopes

Concord Rangers U16

1Alex ColemanConcord Rangers U1600
2Bobby BrocklebankConcord Rangers U1600
3Ben WebbConcord Rangers U1600
4Taylor ArmstrongConcord Rangers U1600
6Tyrell TevinConcord Rangers U1600
8Charlie SullivanConcord Rangers U1600
9James WordenConcord Rangers U1600
10Bradley SpencerConcord Rangers U1600
11Daniel MonkConcord Rangers U1600
12Albert PerryConcord Rangers U1600
14Louie HuntConcord Rangers U1600
15Malley PhillipsConcord Rangers U1600
16Lewis KelsyConcord Rangers U1600
19Sam RichardsonConcord Rangers U1600

U16 Manager: Chris Search
Mobile: 07803 627830

Concord Rangers U18

1GEORGE MARSHConcord Rangers U1800
2ZACK LITTLEJOHNConcord Rangers U1800
2Bobby Brocklebank-00
3DANNY HURFORDConcord Rangers U1800
4HARRY HAYSOMConcord Rangers U1800
4Taylor Armstrong-00
5CODY WHITEConcord Rangers U1800
5Cameron Harris-00
6JED SMITHConcord Rangers U1800
7JACK DRESNERConcord Rangers U1800
8HENRY SIMSConcord Rangers U1800
8Charlie Sullivan-00
9ALAN GILBERTSONConcord Rangers U1800
10JACK RENEWConcord Rangers U1800
11TEDDY RUMSBYConcord Rangers U1800
11Daniel Monk-00
12FLYNN ASTBURYConcord Rangers U1800
14OLI PAULConcord Rangers U1800
14Louie Hunt-00
15HARRY DOYLEConcord Rangers U1800
16KIAH FROUDConcord Rangers U1800
17JAKE WIGGINSConcord Rangers U1800
18TAYLOR TURNERConcord Rangers U1800
19LUCA COLLINSConcord Rangers U1800
20TOBY BARLOWConcord Rangers U1800

U18 Manager: Steve Sullivan
Mobile: 07855 306968