Chelmsford City Teams

Chelmsford City FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Steve Shore
Mobile: 07770 37804

Secretary: Steve Philip Bennett
Address: 6 The Limes, Galleywood, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8RA
Mobile: 07779 626812

Fixture Secretary: Steve Philip Bennett
Mobile: 07779 626812

Emergency Contact: Lesley Bennett 07779 626812

Chelmsford City U13

0Daniel AkomolafeChelmsford City U1300
0Thomas Ryan FosterChelmsford City U1300
0Connor James VilderChelmsford City U1300
2Charlie CerisolaChelmsford City U1300
3Guilherme Martins GuerreiroChelmsford City U1300
4Jayden Munge ThiongoChelmsford City U1300
5Charles Robert James AblettChelmsford City U1300
9Emmanuel OmotoyeChelmsford City U1310
10Victor Emanuel Giovani BrancaChelmsford City U1340
11Armani Duarte SimbaChelmsford City U1300
12Bobby ReaChelmsford City U1310
13Seth Gordon DempseyChelmsford City U1300
15Reece ThompsonChelmsford City U1300
16Joseph Ian McLeodChelmsford City U1310
18Alvin Alteriga GithukaChelmsford City U1300
19Alfred EneverChelmsford City U1300
20Glenn Bruce PhillipsChelmsford City U1300

U13 Manager: Richard Mills
Mobile: 07947 7628164

Chelmsford City U14

0Reggie GregoryChelmsford City U1420
1Sean Luke KitchenerChelmsford City U1400
2Joseph ButcherChelmsford City U1400
3Daniel Martin HaynesChelmsford City U1400
4Adam MaysChelmsford City U1400
5Tommy Scott HarrisonChelmsford City U1400
6Tom CallagherChelmsford City U1421
7Oliver James LontonChelmsford City U1460
8Benjamin Alexander MundayChelmsford City U1410
9Harry Jabez JonesChelmsford City U1421
10John Franz GyabahChelmsford City U1410
11Bobby James LeeChelmsford City U1400
12Bradley WilliamsChelmsford City U1400
14Toju JamesChelmsford City U1400
15Aaron SteadmanChelmsford City U1403
16Mack StapletonChelmsford City U1410
16Olusegun FamrinChelmsford City U1410
17Harrison Gordon HookerChelmsford City U1400
17Fola AdigunChelmsford City U1410
18Abraham HassanChelmsford City U1410

U14 Manager: Marc Stephan
Mobile: 07795 576924

Chelmsford City U15

0Charlie DrewChelmsford City U1500
0Oliver HaleChelmsford City U1500
0Ben Joseph PalmerChelmsford City U1500
0Arthur RichardsChelmsford City U1500
0Luke Anthony RaisboroughChelmsford City U1500
0Connor LiddallChelmsford City U1500
0Adam Jay JohnsonChelmsford City U1500
0Jimmy JeffreyChelmsford City U1500
0Drew JohnsonChelmsford City U1500
0Oliver IwgrouilleChelmsford City U1500
0Reuben GaurilaChelmsford City U1500
0Samuel CookChelmsford City U1500
0Zak James OlleyChelmsford City U1500
0Benjamin AdamsChelmsford City U1500
0Harrison ColeChelmsford City U1500
0Oliver ChadwickChelmsford City U1500
0Bobby BaileyChelmsford City U1500
0Cameron BrowneChelmsford City U1500
0Liam GrahamChelmsford City U1500
0Bailey Michael WyerChelmsford City U1500
0Joshua Harry HubbleChelmsford City U1500
0Ademide FajobiChelmsford City U1500

U15 Manager: Aaron Hunwicks
Mobile: 07934 863545

Chelmsford City U16

0Cameron Jon TredgettChelmsford City U1600
0Harry CrockerChelmsford City U1600
0Henry Lewis FullerChelmsford City U1600
0Miles Lee SargentChelmsford City U1600
0Lewis Michael WakeChelmsford City U1600
0Billy CoulthurstChelmsford City U1600
0Jake HorlockChelmsford City U1600
0Bailey Joe CranidgeChelmsford City U1600
0Jack Gibson-SlaterChelmsford City U1600
0Max Lucas Norton-SteeleChelmsford City U1600
0George CooperChelmsford City U1600
0Tom Robert GreenChelmsford City U1600
0Ibrahim KhamisChelmsford City U1600
0Joseph John NurcombeChelmsford City U1600
0Oluwatoki HassanChelmsford City U1600
0Hayden MatthewsChelmsford City U1600
0Joshua David RutterChelmsford City U1600
0Callum Lee BoylanChelmsford City U1600
0Jack Andrew WillmottChelmsford City U1600
0Diolindo Dos Santos LimaChelmsford City U1600
0Eduino VazChelmsford City U1600
0Abubakar SharifChelmsford City U1600
0Tony ShawChelmsford City U1600
1Tenida AwdesiChelmsford City U1600

U16 Manager: Greg Wise
Mobile: 07710 647735