Brentwood Town Teams

Brentwood Town FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Brian Hallet
Mobile: 07711 822551

Secretary: Ray Stevens
Address: 59 Slewins Avenue, Hornchurch, Essex RM11 2BZ
Mobile: 07768 006370

Fixture Secretary: Gary Waplington
Address: Zandis, Brook Lane, Doddinghurst, Essex CM15 0RT
Mobile: 07709 352974

Emergency Contact: Gary Waplington 07709 352974

Brentwood Town U13

01KIERAN MOOREBrentwood Town U1300
02JOSEPH BALLBrentwood Town U1311
03WILLIAM DYERBrentwood Town U1322
04HARVEY CONYARDBrentwood Town U1310
05BILLY TITLEYBrentwood Town U1300
06ISAAC THOMASBrentwood Town U1300
07HARRY COLLINSBrentwood Town U1311
08THEO PAGEBrentwood Town U1300
9Stefan SidorencuBrentwood Town U1300
09JAMES THOMSONBrentwood Town U1371
10JOE LASTBrentwood Town U1342
11FINLEY CLARKBrentwood Town U1312
12LEWIS SPENCERBrentwood Town U1300
15PEDRO LOURENCOBrentwood Town U1341
16JUDE JONESBrentwood Town U1300
17JAKE BROOKINGBrentwood Town U1300

U13 Manager: Marcus Bradbury

Brentwood Town U14

1joseph jenningsBrentwood Town U1400
2freddie kingBrentwood Town U1400
3oliver portwayBrentwood Town U1410
4euan banksBrentwood Town U1410
5frankie zielinskyBrentwood Town U1400
6joseph redfearnBrentwood Town U1410
7henry bishopBrentwood Town U1410
8george handleyBrentwood Town U1430
9tobias braneyBrentwood Town U14120
10sidney walkerBrentwood Town U1480
11jack boydBrentwood Town U1470
12Joseph LawsBrentwood Town U1400
14jack wilsonBrentwood Town U1410
15Harry SkitmoreBrentwood Town U1490
16Joseph KebbellBrentwood Town U14110
17Charlie FletcherBrentwood Town U1400
18Samuel WadeBrentwood Town U1410
19Lewis CousinsBrentwood Town U1410

U14 Manager: Sean Collins
Mobile: 07939 187988

Brentwood Town U15

1Tom BallardBrentwood Town U1500
2Ethan DowmanBrentwood Town U1501
3Ben Phoi-OntaBrentwood Town U1500
4Joseph Frisby-BrownBrentwood Town U1500
5Harry WolstenholmeBrentwood Town U1500
6Billy ThurstonBrentwood Town U1510
7Joel BevanBrentwood Town U1502
8Safwan AliBrentwood Town U1563
9Louie KerleyBrentwood Town U1560
10Bazit AdeleyeBrentwood Town U1530
11Finlay CossBrentwood Town U1532
12Ethan DellerBrentwood Town U1520
13Emmanuel AbudioreBrentwood Town U1530
14Maximillian GnadiBrentwood Town U15160
15Jed ChastonBrentwood Town U1530
16Jamie DrakeBrentwood Town U1521
17Michael TurnerBrentwood Town U1510
18Lewis EatonBrentwood Town U1510
20Michael BareckBrentwood Town U1561
23Charlie FordBrentwood Town U1500

U15 Manager: Steve Portway
Mobile: 07817 440051

Brentwood Town U16

Samuel GirlingBrentwood Town U1600
1Jacob Allen-McormackBrentwood Town U1600
1Jamie KiddellBrentwood Town U1600
2Lewis KyleBrentwood Town U1600
3Lee Protein-BraothwaiteBrentwood Town U1600
3Emmanuel MooreBrentwood Town U1600
4Theo ward-MalcolmBrentwood Town U1600
5Albert PurssordBrentwood Town U1600
6Jack DickensonBrentwood Town U1600
7Sam ParkBrentwood Town U1601
8Harvey SchaferBrentwood Town U1600
9Jeremiah IdowuBrentwood Town U1600
10Alfie MahoneyBrentwood Town U1610
11Kieran JonesBrentwood Town U1600
12Alex NobleBrentwood Town U1600
14Jack RenwickBrentwood Town U1600
15Bailey StevensonBrentwood Town U1610
16Tomas EneverBrentwood Town U1600
17Oscar ShelveyBrentwood Town U1600

U16 Manager: Martin Thurston
Mobile: 07766 228975

Brentwood Town U17

1Robert HorganBrentwood Town U1700
2Arpan SenBrentwood Town U1700
3Tom PulestonBrentwood Town U1700
4Max PriorBrentwood Town U1700
5Lewis ArthurBrentwood Town U1700
6Harry ScawthornBrentwood Town U1700
7Sam GilbertBrentwood Town U1700
8Jake AldertonBrentwood Town U1700
9Ryan MetsahaBrentwood Town U1700
10Frankie GoodallBrentwood Town U1700
11William ReedBrentwood Town U1700
12Jayden CampbellBrentwood Town U1700
13Tom BurkeBrentwood Town U1700
14Joseph GregoryBrentwood Town U1700
15Elliot LongBrentwood Town U1700
15Danny CarrBrentwood Town U1700
17Billy PurdyBrentwood Town U1700

U17 Manager: David Park
Mobile: 07836 263010

Brentwood Town U18

1Lennon MarshBrentwood Town U1800
2Kai WarrenBrentwood Town U1800
2Jed BowmanBrentwood Town U1800
3Joseph Louis OliverBrentwood Town U1800
4Nicholas BarrettBrentwood Town U1800
5Jamie MarshBrentwood Town U1800
6Matthew ScammellBrentwood Town U1800
7Josh GonsalvesBrentwood Town U1800
7Sebastian Isaac WhealyBrentwood Town U1800
8Luke WoodgateBrentwood Town U1800
9Thomas LeachBrentwood Town U1800
9Adam BessadiBrentwood Town U1800
10Sami BessadiBrentwood Town U1800
10Jack William LeydenBrentwood Town U1800
10Luke TriceBrentwood Town U1800
11Mason MacCallumBrentwood Town U1800

U18 Manager: Ben Goodhall
Mobile: 07852 354359