Billericay Town Teams

Billericay Town FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Nick Hutt
Mobile: 07712 148864

Secretary: Tom Barley
Address: New Lodge, Blunts Walk Road, Billericay CM12 9SA
Mobile: 07712 148864

Fixture Secretary: Nick Hutt
Mobile: 07712 148864

Billericay Town U13

01Rio Christopher SorhaindoBillericay Town U1300
1Toby Thomas BeesonBillericay Town U1300
2David OakesBillericay Town U1300
3Oluwafisayo JaiyesimiBillericay Town U1310
4Zayaan RashidBillericay Town U1300
6Pierce Louie George KnightBillericay Town U1310
7Jude CollinsBillericay Town U1340
8James JenkinsBillericay Town U1300
8James Trispen Webb-WoodBillericay Town U1330
9Daniel John GuyBillericay Town U1340
10Joe Edward RobertsBillericay Town U1300
11Frederic Thomas HeskethBillericay Town U1350
12Thomas AndersonBillericay Town U1370
14Daniel Evan LuckingBillericay Town U1360
21Tomi SotiminuBillericay Town U13100
26Oliver LudlowBillericay Town U1340
91Kaan TarhanBillericay Town U1350

U13 Manager: Daniel Brown
Mobile: 07818 225799

U13 Assistant Manager: Nick Hutt

Billericay Town U14

1Josh WoodrowBillericay Town U1400
2William OsbornBillericay Town U1400
3Charlie SayersBillericay Town U1400
4Ben CrockerBillericay Town U1400
5Tom MerrittBillericay Town U1400
6James TungattBillericay Town U1400
7Bradley GrayBillericay Town U1400
8James JenkinsBillericay Town U1400
9Kenny CokerBillericay Town U1400
10Ryan LoweBillericay Town U1400
11Charlie SullivanBillericay Town U1400
13Sam MerrittBillericay Town U1400
15Tom cannonBillericay Town U1400
16Harvey SamonBillericay Town U1400
17Harvey HoareBillericay Town U1400
18Patrick HodgesonBillericay Town U1400

U14 Manager: Tom Barley
Mobile: 07800 933724

U14 Assistant Manager: Jack Bassett

Billericay Town U15

1Alfie LeyBillericay Town U1500
2Joshua BanksBillericay Town U1500
3Henry PaulBillericay Town U1500
4Munashe MharaparaBillericay Town U1500
5Preshanta PaulBillericay Town U1520
6Archie TamplinBillericay Town U1500
7Devarne CuffyBillericay Town U1500
8Matthew AdeicoyaBillericay Town U1500
10Blessing Ekofo BassaBillericay Town U1530
11Adam OlojedeBillericay Town U1500
12Adeyinka GiwaBillericay Town U1530
13Daniel ImrayBillericay Town U1530
14Malachi BelafonteBillericay Town U1540
15Kane AbrahamsBillericay Town U1500
16Antoh BoatengBillericay Town U1500
17Samuel BayonBillericay Town U1500
18Gabriel Ipamga MbamboBillericay Town U1520
19Taylor ParkinBillericay Town U1500
20Agostinho SÓ Nanque JuniorBillericay Town U1510
21Jevarn WilliamsBillericay Town U1500

U15 Manager: Mick Lowe
Mobile: 07811 394798

Billericay Town U16

1Teddy CattiniBillericay Town U1600
1Luke BellBillericay Town U1601
2Joshua BellchambersBillericay Town U1601
4Tyler CavenerBillericay Town U1611
5Ben TolleyBillericay Town U1600
6Byron HumblesBillericay Town U1600
7Jack McIver-HauserBillericay Town U1600
8Vinnie ForbesBillericay Town U1611
9Reggie HubbardBillericay Town U1621
10Tommy DixonBillericay Town U1600
11Marlon StratfordBillericay Town U1600
12Louis RichmondBillericay Town U1601
14Nathan PuttBillericay Town U1600
15Thomas DuffyBillericay Town U1600
16Jude BrownBillericay Town U1600
18Jordan CookBillericay Town U1600
19Jesse ChinwoBillericay Town U1631

U16 Manager: Darren Banks
Mobile: 07956 860516

Billericay Town U17

0Callum FitzerBillericay Town U1700
1Joshua George Oliver HoggBillericay Town U1700
1Harvey WrightBillericay Town U1700
2Owen ChesneyBillericay Town U1700
3Conor DuffyBillericay Town U1700
4Jai FelsteadBillericay Town U1700
5Benjamin GarwoodBillericay Town U1700
6Frazer SpillerBillericay Town U1700
7Elliot BurkeBillericay Town U1700
8Ethan PerfectBillericay Town U1700
9Harry LaneBillericay Town U1700
10Max ShepherdBillericay Town U1700
10Max ShepherdBillericay Town U1700
11Thomas StephensBillericay Town U1700
12Ryan SardiBillericay Town U1700
15Ben BrookerBillericay Town U1700
16Tom BrookBillericay Town U1700
17Christian James NorthBillericay Town U1700
20Louie HornsbyBillericay Town U1700
21Mehmet HassanBillericay Town U1700
22Ted ForbesBillericay Town U1700

U17 Manager: Ryan Willsmer
Mobile: 07890 954622