Barkingside Teams

Barkingside FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Jimmy Flanagan
Mobile: 07956 894194

Secretary: Anthony Mcgrath
Address: 238 Sebert Road, Forest Gate, London E7 0NP
Mobile: 07971 108802

Fixture Secretary: Anthony Mcgrath
Mobile: 07971 108802

Barkingside U13 Black

U13 BLACK Manager: Nicky Potts
Mobile: 07737 965939

Barkingside U13 Brown

U13 BROWN Manager: Mark Thomas
Mobile: 07979 918521

Barkingside U14

1Freddie BaynhamBarkingside U1400
2joel GoncalvesBarkingside U1400
3Stanley SmartBarkingside U1400
4Rudi BurgessBarkingside U1400
5Kamran LatifBarkingside U1411
6Tyrell HugginsBarkingside U1401
7Aaron TetteyBarkingside U1400
8Mergim VakaBarkingside U1400
9Frankie GregoryBarkingside U1400
10Maxwell GrahamBarkingside U1400
11Ayzak AhmetBarkingside U1451
12ALEX GOMES SAMEGOBarkingside U1400
13Adam IdrisBarkingside U1400
14I’Zac ClarkeBarkingside U1401
17Daniel BryantBarkingside U1411
24Ben HennesseyBarkingside U1400

U14 Manager: Terry Humpery
Mobile: 07713 828911

Barkingside U15

U15 Manager: XXXXXX
email: XXXXXXX

Barkingside U16

U16 Manager: Anthony Mcgrath
Mobile: 07971 108802