Amphill Town Teams

Ampthill Town FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Gary Maidment
Mobile: 07450 08848

Secretary: Ian Rabjohn
Address: 10 Falldor Way, Ampthill, Beds MK45 2GD
Mobile: 07852 843385

Fixture Secretary: Paul Hankey
Address: 133 Wagstaff Way, Ampthill, Bedfordshire MK45 2GH
Mobile: 07910 277050

Emergency Contact: Andy White
Mobile: 07740 454336

Ampthill Town U16

1JACK TAYLORAmpthill Town U1600
2SABIN ADRIAN MANEAAmpthill Town U1600
4ANDY KONCIUSAmpthill Town U1600
5SANTINO DINIROAmpthill Town U1600
6RYAN ALLENAmpthill Town U1600
7ZAVIER CORIANAmpthill Town U1600
8BYRON LEE CLARKEAmpthill Town U1620
9AFOLABI OGUTUGAAmpthill Town U1640
10JORDAN FARMERAmpthill Town U1601
11JOSHUA ADENIYIAmpthill Town U1601
12RICKY SINFIELDAmpthill Town U1600
14HARRY ARUNDELAmpthill Town U1603
15BILLY HARMER HANKEYAmpthill Town U1600
16LUCAS PRESTONAmpthill Town U1610
17HARRY CASHINAmpthill Town U1600
18RYAN THOMPSONAmpthill Town U1621
19BEN HIGLEYAmpthill Town U1600
20BENJAMIN ADETOYEAmpthill Town U1600

U16 Manager: Paul Cashin
Mobile: 07932 729500