Stanway Rovers Teams

Stanway Rovers FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.
Chairman: Andy Partner
mobile: 07890 534689

Secretary: Ali Bardell
Address: 5 Bale Close, Colchester, Essex CO3 9XP
mobile: 07739 964293

Fixture Secretary: Liz Partner
mobile: 07890 534672

Stanway Rovers U13

1Aiden PaulStanway Rovers U1300
1Benjamin TowlerStanway Rovers U1300
1Freddy BethellStanway Rovers U1310
1Harry NewmanStanway Rovers U1300
1Harvey WoodStanway Rovers U1300
1Issey CroftStanway Rovers U1300
1Jack LadbrookStanway Rovers U1300
1Mason StevensStanway Rovers U1310
1Michael TuckwellStanway Rovers U1310
1Michael WoodStanway Rovers U1300
1Morgan RadfordStanway Rovers U1300
1Nathan RiceStanway Rovers U1300
1Zac PoterStanway Rovers U1300
1Jake De BurghStanway Rovers U1300

U13 Manager: Matt Binks
mobile: 07557 144661
Emergency Contact: Ali Bardell 07739 964293

Stanway Rovers U14

1William HealyStanway Rovers U1400
3Charles VincentStanway Rovers U1410
4Calum RiderStanway Rovers U1400
4Divine IgweStanway Rovers U1410
5Harrison WhymarkStanway Rovers U1400
6Tyler MouatStanway Rovers U1400
7Chayse WestStanway Rovers U1410
8Dylan GeeStanway Rovers U1400
9Kieran ScanlanStanway Rovers U1400
10Alex DavidStanway Rovers U1400
11William MetcalfeStanway Rovers U1400
14James CheeldStanway Rovers U1400
15Jack HurrellStanway Rovers U1400
16Ehren CollinsStanway Rovers U1400

U14 Manager: Dean Gee
mobile: 07810 545303
Emergency Contact: Ali Bardell 07739 964293

Stanway Rovers U15

1Luke SkinnerStanway Rovers U1500
2Mitchell KillStanway Rovers U1500
3Louie GeraghtyStanway Rovers Teams00
4Jack PuzeyStanway Rovers Teams00
5Dylan HughesStanway Rovers U1500
6Alfie PartnerStanway Rovers U1500
7Jake MayesStanway Rovers Teams00
8Freddie HayesStanway Rovers Teams00
9Billy Clawson-RobertsStanway Rovers U1520
10Tom LewisStanway Rovers Teams00
11Lewis WoodStanway Rovers Teams00
16Oscar RichardsStanway Rovers Teams00
17Harry SmithStanway Rovers Teams20
18Ben MorlingStanway Rovers Teams10
19Henry ClarkeStanway Rovers Teams00
23Noah GadsbyStanway Rovers Teams00

U15 Manager: Andy Partner
mobile: 07890 534689
Emergency Contact: Ali Bardell 07739 964293

Stanway Rovers U16

1Michael BettStanway Rovers U1600
2Harry FinchStanway Rovers U1640
3Finn O’ReillyStanway Rovers U1600
5Keith NyathiStanway Rovers U1600
7Adam ShaiklyStanway Rovers U1610
8Sudesh RanaStanway Rovers U1600
9Freddie O’BrienStanway Rovers U1600
11Archie PetherStanway Rovers U1600
12Hayden DutchStanway Rovers U1620
14Joe PumfrettStanway Rovers U1610
15Rhyse HudsonStanway Rovers U1610
16Harry CritchleyStanway Rovers U1600
17Joshua GreeneStanway Rovers U1600
18Olly FolorunshoStanway Rovers U1600
20Max CaulfieldStanway Rovers U1600
22Billy EadeStanway Rovers U1600

U16 Manager: Mick Shaikly
mobile: 07885 875988
U16 Manager: Daniel Slatter
mobile: 07943 101780
Emergency Contact: Ali Bardell 07739 964293