Saffron Walden Town Teams

Saffron Walden Town FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairm: Martin Johnson
mobile: 07756 999227

Secretary: Keith Mullins
address: Morlick Lodge, Church Walk, Littlebury, Essex CB11 4TT
mobile: 07791 692395

Fixture Secretary: Shane Mills
mobile: 07908 499882

Saffron Walden Town U15

1Ciaran MoneSaffron Walden Town U1500
2Simran SanghaSaffron Walden Town U1500
3James InkleySaffron Walden Town U1500
4Matthew RumseySaffron Walden Town U1510
5William NorrisSaffron Walden Town U1500
6Aaron MacDermottSaffron Walden Town U1500
7Jacob ParkSaffron Walden Town U1500
8Tom ListerSaffron Walden Town U1500
9Alfie MossSaffron Walden Town U1510
10Bryan ReedSaffron Walden Town U1540
11Amrik BraicoSaffron Walden Town U1500
12Peter Weir PageSaffron Walden Town U15100
14Ben RobertsSaffron Walden Town U1510
16Mathew OrrisSaffron Walden Town U1520
17Stanley LeachSaffron Walden Town U1530
18Adam HallSaffron Walden Town U1500
19Joe DavisSaffron Walden Town U1510
99Luca ManninoSaffron Walden Town U1500

U15 Manager: Shane Mills
mobile: 07908 499882
Emergency Contact: Martin Johnson. 07756 999227