Potters Bar Town Teams

Potters Bar FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Peter Waller
mobile:07930 894924

Secretary: Malcolm Snook
Address:14 Old Close, Cheshunt, Herts EN7 6UN
mobile: 07956 661056
email: j.snook@ntlworld.com

Fixture Secretary: Malcolm Snook
mobile: 07956 661056
email: j.snook@ntlworld.com

Potters Bar Town U14

1Max EvansPotters Bar Town U1400
1Louie MiraccoPotters Bar Town U1400
2Patrick MorleyPotters Bar Town U1400
3Dylan BonfieldPotters Bar Town U1400
4Jonathan TaiwoPotters Bar Town U1410
5Ellis SullivanPotters Bar Town U1410
6George FoxPotters Bar Town U1400
7Henry CreerPotters Bar Town U1440
8Reece ClarkPotters Bar Town U1400
9Henry AllenPotters Bar Town U1410
10George MorrallPotters Bar Town U1401
11Freddie HillPotters Bar Town U1402
14Ronnie BuckinghamPotters Bar Town U1400
16Maxxime NdambiPotters Bar Town U1400
17Fabio VirgilioPotters Bar Town U1400
18Eddie JohnstonPotters Bar Town U1431
19Louie PullenPotters Bar Town U1400

U14 Manager: Steve Creer
mobile: 07956 524332
email; Steve@creer.me.uk
Emergency Contact: Dan Hill 07968 979424

Potters Bar Town U15

1Kai EdwardsPotters Bar Town U1500
2Harvey MarksPotters Bar Town U1500
3Jack StandingPotters Bar Town U1500
4Ethan Albert DanielsPotters Bar Town U1550
5Jack EllwoodPotters Bar Town U1510
6Luca FuscoPotters Bar Town U1501
7Aaron WitterPotters Bar Town U1540
8James GreenPotters Bar Town U1500
9Melih SaglamPotters Bar Town U1500
10Archie Woodford-SmithPotters Bar Town U1541
11Vinnie GiddenPotters Bar Town U1503
14Daniel ManganPotters Bar Town U1550
16Josh KnightPotters Bar Town U1570
17Diyar Ali KarakusPotters Bar Town U1501
18Louis MatthewsPotters Bar Town U1500
20Albert RachiPotters Bar Town U1500
21Joshua HowardPotters Bar Town U15110
22Morgan WilliamsPotters Bar Town U1540
25Sammy GarciaPotters Bar Town U1510
31Joshua WoodPotters Bar Town U1500

U15 Manager: Oliver Fusco
mobile: 07855 472176
email: olliefusco@icloud.com
Emergency Contact: Richard Marks 07855 472176

Potters Bar Town U18

1Sam BarrettPotters Bar Town U1800
2Harry BarrettPotters Bar Town U1800
3Erjon BejtullahuPotters Bar Town U1800
4Tommy RedheadPotters Bar Town U1800
5Max JessopPotters Bar Town U1800
6Sidney JethvaPotters Bar Town U1800
7Joshua DanielsPotters Bar Town U1800
8Julian DackombePotters Bar Town U1800
9George JohnsonPotters Bar Town U1800
10Ben BrookesPotters Bar Town U1800
11Louis KingPotters Bar Town U1800
12Ben HarrisPotters Bar Town U1800
14Khan GorguluPotters Bar Town U1800
15Terell Johnson SterlingPotters Bar Town U1800
16Sachon EdwardsPotters Bar Town U1800
17Aidan ProctorPotters Bar Town U1800
18Noah FriendPotters Bar Town U1800
19Kiri GeorgiouPotters Bar Town U1800
20Alvin KyeremehPotters Bar Town U1800
21Mateen KhelefiPotters Bar Town U1800
22Lewis KiddPotters Bar Town U1800

U18 Manager: Russell Barrett
mobile: 07721 129570
email; scholarspbtfc@gmail.com
Emergency Contact: Darren Redhead. 07775 510069