Needham Market Teams

Needham Market FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Keith Nunn
mobile: 07770 823983

Secretary: Mark Easlea
Address: 1 Firecrest Drive, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 5FL
mobile: 07795 456502

Fixture Secretary: Bev Dorling

Needham Market U13

1Jamie ScrivenerNeedham Market U1300
1Harrison PoddNeedham Market U1300
2Archie Shelley-TaylorNeedham Market U1300
3Lewis WoolnoughNeedham Market U1300
4Simon ReeveNeedham Market U1300
5Oliver JayNeedham Market U1300
6Clayton OsbornNeedham Market U1300
7Reuben HarewoodNeedham Market U1300
8Oliver HartNeedham Market U1300
9Colby HillyardNeedham Market U1310
10Dimitri GayleNeedham Market U1310
11Brae SmithNeedham Market U1300
12Harrison StrandNeedham Market U1300
14Ivan Perez-SanchezNeedham Market U1300
15Archie SimpsonNeedham Market U1300
16Joshua SuttonNeedham Market U1300

U13 Manager: Chris Broad
mobile: 07720 559842
Emergency Contact: Brian Sutton. 07428 586917

Needham Market U14

0Finley Andreas WattsNeedham Market U1400
1Samuel BlewittNeedham Market U1400
2Aidan WebbNeedham Market U1400
3Liam KnightsNeedham Market U1400
4Ashton Darwell-TaylorNeedham Market U1430
5Callum LastNeedham Market U1400
5Igli ZeqoNeedham Market U1400
6Callum MayesNeedham Market U1430
7Oscar TaylorNeedham Market U1410
8Owen FlettonNeedham Market U1410
9Tommy SmithNeedham Market U1400
10Thomas James ChisnallNeedham Market U1400
11Charlie HooleyNeedham Market U1400
12Jack WoodgateNeedham Market U1400
14Luke AttwellNeedham Market U1400
14Aaron HamerNeedham Market U1410
15Owen SpaldingNeedham Market U1400
16Morgan AllumNeedham Market U1400
17Archie SayerNeedham Market U1400
18Harrison CantNeedham Market U1400
19Sebastian CrockerNeedham Market U1400

U14 Manager: Dean Last
mobile: 07825 379559
Emergency Contact: Gavin Gardiner 07970 156635

Needham Market U16

1Owen Scott Stephen ElsdonNeedham Market U1600
2Stanley AnnessNeedham Market U1600
3Victor AkinmadeNeedham Market U1600
4Finley SheppardNeedham Market U1600
5William CollisNeedham Market U1600
6Jack DawsonNeedham Market U1600
7Thomas NorthwoodNeedham Market U1600
8Joe HuntNeedham Market U1600
9George Clayton LeeksNeedham Market U1600
10Callum Scott Charlie PageNeedham Market U1600
10Callum PageNeedham Market U1600
11Alfie James MilesNeedham Market U1600
12Thomas FitzgeraldNeedham Market U1600
14Jamie Stuart TattersallNeedham Market U1600
15Daniel HayesNeedham Market U1600
16Jack BoyleNeedham Market U1600
17Cameron HarperNeedham Market U1600
18Jose Noel Santa De La PazNeedham Market U1600
19Terry WasswaNeedham Market U1600
20Evan James BoltNeedham Market U1600
21Rauf KabanguNeedham Market U1600
22Archie McWilliamNeedham Market U1600
23Jake PrestonNeedham Market U1600
24Cameron JessupNeedham Market U1600

U16 Manager: Stephen last
mobile: 07590 042599
Emergency Contact: Ian Watson. 07980 829846

Needham Market U18

1Finlay ShortenNeedham Market U1800
1Finlay ShortenNeedham Market U1800
1Bradley CookNeedham Market U1800
1Luke JonesNeedham Market U1800
1Finlay ShortenNeedham Market U1800
2Morgan RushtonNeedham Market U1800
2Morgan RushtonNeedham Market U1800
3Owen HeathNeedham Market U1800
3Owen HeathNeedham Market U1800
4Kadir AkbabaNeedham Market U1800
4Marcius PulhamNeedham Market U1800
5Aaron McguckinNeedham Market U1800
5Kadir AkbabaNeedham Market U1800
6Owen CookNeedham Market U1800
6Aaron McGuckinNeedham Market U1800
7Marcius PulhamNeedham Market U1800
7Owen CookNeedham Market U1800
8Samuel Santa De La PazNeedham Market U1800
9Kenny FryNeedham Market U1800
9Kenny FryNeedham Market U1800
10Jamie SmithNeedham Market U1800
10Kameron LaingNeedham Market U1800
11Sam GarrodNeedham Market U1800
11Jamie SmithNeedham Market U1800
12Sam GarrodNeedham Market U1800
14Bradley CookNeedham Market U1800
14Declan JarroldNeedham Market U1800
15Luke JonesNeedham Market U1800
15Thomas RabyNeedham Market U1800
16Matthew CobboldNeedham Market U1800
17George CoxNeedham Market U1800
18Max NightingaleNeedham Market U1800
19Nathaniel BourneNeedham Market U1800
20Daniel SmithNeedham Market U1800
21Michael Le MessurierNeedham Market U1800
22George ExworthNeedham Market U1800
23Ethan StreetNeedham Market U1800
25Liam RileyNeedham Market U1800
26Tyler GardinerNeedham Market U1800
27Mica LopesNeedham Market U1800
31Charlie RoseNeedham Market U1800
32Ryan PittNeedham Market U1800

U18 Manager: Paul Rose
mobile: 07388584003
Emergency Contact: Jake Dye. 07717 364488