Hullbridge Sports Teams

Hullbridge Sports FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Trevor Lammas
Mobile: 07902 026695

Secretary: Jason Coss
Address: 41 Bardfield Way, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 9HE
Mobile: 07770 667166

Fixtures Secretary: Jason Coss
Mobile: 07770 667166

Hullbridge Sports U15

0Damien NiemczyckiHullbridge Sports U1500
1Zach MillerHullbridge Sports U1500
2Harry HarrisHullbridge Sports U1500
3Tomi AbereHullbridge Sports U1500
4Ashley BlanchardHullbridge Sports U1500
5Dylan HawleyHullbridge Sports U1500
6Sam GrayHullbridge Sports U1500
7Rio CrowhurstHullbridge Sports U1500
8Finley GregoryHullbridge Sports U1500
9Dan PayneHullbridge Sports U1500
10Tommy SalterHullbridge Sports U1500
14Jack BrothertonHullbridge Sports U1500
15Liam BarryHullbridge Sports U1500
16Matt Stevens-BrownHullbridge Sports U1500
17Olly LawrenceHullbridge Sports U1500
18Brandon NdokayHullbridge Sports U1500
19Rgee ManyeweHullbridge Sports U1500
21Billy HarrisonHullbridge Sports U1500

U15 Manager: Russell Hobbs
Mobile: 07971 577468
Emergency Contact: Lawrence Gower. 07557 658005

Hullbridge Sports U16

1Dylan WardHullbridge Sports U1600
2Sam SpencerHullbridge Sports U1600
3Alex MossHullbridge Sports U1600
7Oskar LeggHullbridge Sports U1600
8Samuel MellorHullbridge Sports U1600
9Jack WoodsHullbridge Sports U1620
10Jayden O’ConnorHullbridge Sports U1610
12Aidan LewisHullbridge Sports U1610
14Connor TriggsHullbridge Sports U1600
15Alistair DaviesHullbridge Sports U1620
16Zachary HortonHullbridge Sports U1610
18Lewis BrownHullbridge Sports U1660
19Ben HarrisHullbridge Sports U1600
20Matthew McCorleyHullbridge Sports U1600
21Oliver ThornHullbridge Sports U1610

U16 Manager: John Ward
Mobile: 07951 407534
Emergency Contact: Joanne Spencer. 07739 077598

Hullbridge Sports U17

Ahley ChukwemekaHullbridge Sports U1700
conor fretttonHullbridge Sports U1700
2Joshua haywardHullbridge Sports U1700
3luke kellyHullbridge Sports U1700
6archie ellisHullbridge Sports U1700
7owen bellamyHullbridge Sports U1700
8jonathan evansHullbridge Sports U1700
14George MoleHullbridge Sports U1700
16billy carterHullbridge Sports U1700
21rofeeq alaranHullbridge Sports U1700
25tom mulqueenHullbridge Sports U1700

U17 Manager: Jason Mole
Mobile: 07714 761136
Emergency Contact: Nicola Mole. 07714 332229