Hertford Town Teams

Hertford Town FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Dave Thomas
Mobile: 07841 368037
Email: dave-thomas@ntlworld.com

Secretary: Marisa Wick
Address: 6 Coanwood Cottages, Wareside, Herts SG12 7RS
Mobile: 07939 208597
Email: marisawick@hotmail.co.uk

Fixtures Secretary: Marisa Wick
Mobile: 07939 208597
Email: marisawick@hotmail.co.uk

Hertford Town U14

1Cain KellerHertford Town U1400
1Louie PullenHertford Town U1440
1Darnel WrightHertford Town U1400
1Thomas DurrantHertford Town U1400
1Frederick CookeHertford Town U1410
1Freddie GriffithsHertford Town U1400
1Billy CostinHertford Town U1400
1James WelchHertford Town U1400
1Aiden RichardsonHertford Town U1410
1Sonny LivingHertford Town U1400
1Finley StangroomHertford Town U1400
1Finlay CooperHertford Town U1400
1Oliver RobinsonHertford Town U1400
1Gene DelameilleureHertford Town U1400
1Emmanuel OgunsakinHertford Town U1430
1Sergio BorrillaHertford Town U1400
1Alexander MatthewsHertford Town U1400
1Kacper IgnatiukHertford Town U1400
1Joe DavisHertford Town U1400
1Hudson Doncaster CarterHertford Town U1400

U14 Manager: Gary Couper
Mobile: 07917 577 470
Email: transport@starexpress.co.uk

Hertford Town U15

1Oliver ReadingHertford Town U1500
3Luke QuinnHertford Town U1500
4Jayden ChamberlainHertford Town U1500
5Kian O’ReillyHertford Town U1500
6Lewis MeadHertford Town U1500
7Corey BottenHertford Town U1500
8Max LaceyHertford Town U1500
9Bryn WilsonHertford Town U1510
10James FoleyHertford Town U1520
11Oliver FryerHertford Town U1500
12Samson LeeHertford Town U1500
14Alfie BallHertford Town U1510
17Jack WoodHertford Town U1520
18Louie PottonHertford Town U1500
19Leo ChappinHertford Town U1500
20Sam KellyHertford Town U1500
23Olamilekan David EmilojuHertford Town U1500

U15 Manager: Matthew Chamberlain
Mobile: 07481 747111
Email: m-chamberlain@sky.com