Grays Athletic Teams

Grays Athletic FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Steve Skinner
mobile: 07887 892620

Secretary: Janet Packer
Address: 21 St Johns Road, Chadwell St Mary, Essex RM16 4JU
mobile: 07913566706

Fixture Secretary: Janet packer
mobile: 07913566706

Grays Athletic U13

2JACK HELLENGrays Athletic U1300
3HENRY LYNCHGrays Athletic U1300
4Coby CameronGrays Athletic U1300
5WILLIAM GREIKGrays Athletic U1300
6BRANDON CHAPMANGrays Athletic U1300
7LEON MAZHARGrays Athletic U1300
8BRANDON ELLAWAYGrays Athletic U1310
9ALEEM BALOGUNGrays Athletic U1300
10DANIEL KENTGrays Athletic U1300
11ZANE BALOGUNGrays Athletic U1300
12Andrew AnweGrays Athletic Teams00
14RIO KORBELGrays Athletic U1300
15KAI DENNISGrays Athletic U1300
16DAMILOLA SADIQGrays Athletic U1301
17KOLODE ALABIGrays Athletic U1300
22SAM GREIKGrays Athletic U1300

U13 Manager: Nick Holllamby
mobile: 07738 487292
Emergency Contact: Janet Packer. 07738 355619

Grays Athletic U16

1Aden Louis OldreyGrays Athletic U1600
2Kelechi WilliamsGrays Athletic U1600
3Sidney EfeGrays Athletic U1600
4Samuel Bola KejiGrays Athletic U1600
5Darian HarperGrays Athletic U1600
6Samuel OdebodeGrays Athletic U1600
7Darnell StewartGrays Athletic U1600
8Samuel EduseiGrays Athletic U1600
9Emmanuel Oyinbo-CokerGrays Athletic U1600
10Lewis SingerGrays Athletic U1600
11Jamar BarnesGrays Athletic U1600
12Ryan James GunasingheGrays Athletic U1600
14Joseph OdunaikeGrays Athletic U1600
15Caleb AdegboyogoGrays Athletic U1600
16Blake CrowhurstGrays Athletic U1600
17Joe BarrettGrays Athletic U1600
18Sultan OlamelakanGrays Athletic U1600
19Tawana MugombaGrays Athletic U1600
20Bode AiaketuGrays Athletic U1600
21Tyler RichardsGrays Athletic U1600
22Thomas JohnsonGrays Athletic U1600

U16 Manager: Phil Sackey
Mobile: 07855 315694
Emergency Contact: Janet Packer. 07738 355619

Grays Athletic U18

1Joshua ChebesiGrays Athletic U1800
2Jeremiah OgutugaGrays Athletic U1800
3Rafiq MackieGrays Athletic U1800
4Oscar GarbarczykGrays Athletic U1800
5Brian KasandaGrays Athletic U1800
6Robinson WokomaGrays Athletic U1800
7Joseph GbenkoGrays Athletic U1800
8Codei MichelGrays Athletic U1800
9Adetokunbo SotoyinboGrays Athletic U1800
10Furo Gogo-IbiamaGrays Athletic U1800
11Nathan YusufGrays Athletic U1800
12Banji ShittuGrays Athletic U1800
14Munotidaishie MatambanadzoGrays Athletic U1800
15Bolu MajekodunmiGrays Athletic U1800
16Thierry FangGrays Athletic U1800
17Qenan LualuaGrays Athletic U1800
19Francisco FerreiraGrays Athletic U1800
20Kevin MatthewGrays Athletic U1800
21Callum ThompsonGrays Athletic U1800
22Denzel AdebiyiGrays Athletic U1800
23Liam TuittGrays Athletic U1800

U18 Manager: Phil Sackey
Mobile: 07855 315694
Emergency Contact: Janet Packer. 07738 355619