Dereham Town Teams

Dereham Town FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.
Chairman: Jason Tuley
Mobile: 07881 844952

Secretary: Michael Dodden
Address: 18 Taverham Road, Drayton, Norfolk NR8 6RZ
Mobile: 07967 157784

Fixtures Secretary: Karen Nicholls
Mobile: 07972 627248

Dereham Town U14

1Charlie PhillipsDereham Town U1400
1Jack HarveyDereham Town U1400
2Daniel AldousDereham Town U1400
3Marley MitchellDereham Town U1400
4James BlythDereham Town U1400
5Joseph BoardmanDereham Town U1400
6Frankie SibbonsDereham Town U1400
7Oscar AlbrowDereham Town U1401
8Bryce Abery-NealeDereham Town U1400
9Blake HaleDereham Town U1400
10Hayden SummerfieldDereham Town U1401
11Ryan ForbesDereham Town U1400
12Bradley HillsDereham Town U1400
14Alfie BarnardDereham Town U1400
15Keusan MushengeziDereham Town U1410
17Cameron GravelingDereham Town U1410
18Alex TuleyDereham Town U1400
19Victoire MushengeziDereham Town U1400
20Edon MehanaDereham Town U1410
21Kyle NichollsDereham Town U1400
22Ryan JohnDereham Town U1400
23Shadrak MushengeziDereham Town U1400
24Tom MooreDereham Town U1400
25Hayden NoyesDereham Town U1400
26Fletcher PembertonDereham Town U1401
27George PhillipsDereham Town U1400
28Rowan ScottDereham Town U1400
29Solo DyjbulaDereham Town U1400

U14 Manager: Richard Graveling
Mobile: 07887 775117