Cockfosters Teams

Cockfosters FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Alan Kelsey
mobile: 07766 516589

Secretary: Theresa Kelsey
Address: 29 Alan Drive, Barnet, EN5 2PP
mobile: 07470 083118

Fixture Secretary: Alan Kelsey
mobile: 07766 516589

Cockfosters U13

1Freddie PritchettCockfosters U1300
2Charlie CrouchCockfosters U1300
3Alfie DorringtonCockfosters U1300
4Michael MinaCockfosters U1301
5Christian ChiotisCockfosters U1300
6Matty WhitworthCockfosters U1300
7George Taylor YeatesCockfosters U1310
8Jacob BlandCockfosters U1311
9Caspar FuscoCockfosters U1350
10Daniel BarnettCockfosters U1300
11Louie BrandonCockfosters U1324
12Lucas RadleyCockfosters U1342
13Cem GilirliCockfosters U1300
14Charlie SavageCockfosters U1301
15Stanley YoungCockfosters U1333
16George PoskittCockfosters U1302
17Mikael MouskoundiCockfosters U1334
19Jibril ShamarkeCockfosters U1331

U13 Manager: Vas Chiotis
mobile: 07831 120033
Emergency Contact: Alan Kelsey. 07766 516589

Cockfosters U15

1Dylan BerryCockfosters U1500
1Jason BoakyeCockfosters U1500
2Joe Hewat (c)Cockfosters U1500
3Valon IsufajCockfosters U1500
4Derry DuffyCockfosters U1513
5Ewan BlandCockfosters U1500
6Rayon AtkinsonCockfosters U1500
7Akil RobertsCockfosters U1500
8Bruno OliveiraCockfosters U1500
9Jubril HassanCockfosters U1511
10Maxwell JarvisCockfosters U1510
11Jake Lloyd-LewisCockfosters U1502
14Onur FadilogluCockfosters U1500
15Tomiwa OniCockfosters U1550
16George GoaterCockfosters U1500
17Wesley LekesCockfosters U1501
18Maxime SalamantaCockfosters U1501
20Joshua GunterCockfosters U1500

U15 Manager: Steve Atkinson
mobile; 07534 221565
Matt Lewis
mobile: 07816 685135
Emergency Contact: Alan Kelsey. 07766 516589

Cockfosters U16

1Luke MercerCockfosters U1600
2Joe ScantleburyCockfosters U1600
3Joshua FajobiCockfosters U1600
4Ryan MurphyCockfosters U1600
5Ben BellmanCockfosters U1600
6Joshua CohenCockfosters U1600
7Ben bellisarioCockfosters U1600
8Finn HarveyCockfosters U1600
9Harry MartinCockfosters U1610
10Dylan ColemanCockfosters U1600
11Samuel CahillCockfosters U1600
12Jon NovakCockfosters U1600
14Cameron FlanaganCockfosters U1600
15William BishopCockfosters U1600
16Ahmet MustafaCockfosters U1600
17Oliver AimufuaCockfosters U1600
18Luke WardCockfosters U1610
19Ylli EleziCockfosters U1600
20Dan WinstonCockfosters U1600
24Harry MorganCockfosters U1600
25Kallum PalacheCockfosters U1600
26Reece SallowsCockfosters U1600
27Ergys PepajCockfosters U1600

U16 Manager: Brett Cahill
mobile: 07736 490094
Emergency Contact: Alan Kelsey. 07766 516589