Cambridge City Teams

Cambridge City FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Phil Brasher
mobile: 07761 624246

Secretary: Ian Knight
Address: 132 Kendal Way Chesterton, Cambridge, CB4 1LT
mobile 07905 661562

Fixture Secretary: Ian Knight
mobile 07905 661562

Cambridge City U13

1Luke HaggerCambridge City U1300
2Charles AdamsCambridge City U1300
3Jamie UnderwoodCambridge City U1300
4Tom MannionCambridge City U1300
5Charlie PayneCambridge City U1300
6Johnny GoonCambridge City U1300
7Isaac TaylorCambridge City U1300
8Finley ScottCambridge City U1300
9Edward WatsonCambridge City U1300
10Tom FoxCambridge City U1300
11Henry ClareCambridge City U1300
12Rufus GodsillCambridge City U1300
14Mar-Lee FisherCambridge City U1300
15Adam McCormackCambridge City U1300
16Alex TaylorCambridge City U1300
17Dominic WilkinsonCambridge City U1300
18Oliver Filippo HarrisCambridge City U1300
19Samuel LewinCambridge City U1300
46Ryan Henry BarnettCambridge City U1300

U13 Manager: Clive Taylor
mobile: 07857 928399
Emergency Contact: Adam Sartini. 07446 059848

Cambridge City U14

0Louis WilliamsCambridge City U1400
1Daniel William Viegas MeddCambridge City U1400
1Charlie CambridgeCambridge City U1400
1Henry HuxterCambridge City U1400
1Daniel JohnsonCambridge City U1400
1Kai Andrew Glyn NichollsCambridge City U1400
1Joseph Thomas PurbrickCambridge City U1400
1Callum Eric DoggettCambridge City U1400
1Dylan Fred HarveyCambridge City U1400
1Rogan Tuncey Trevellyn McCormickCambridge City U1400
1Jack NeevesCambridge City U1400
1Frankie CarterCambridge City U1400
1Toby James PaytonCambridge City U1400
1Oliver Richard LewisCambridge City U1400
1Archie KingCambridge City U1400

U14 Manager: Steve Butler
mobile: 07514 677267
Emergency Contact: Neil Scrivener. 07944 607729

Cambridge City U15

1Filip MarschallCambridge City U1501
2Alfie LawrenceCambridge City U1521
3Alfie MaylinCambridge City U1500
4Johnathan Michael PetersCambridge City U1500
5Taylor Scott SumpterCambridge City U1540
6Lewis Ian MairCambridge City U1551
7Thomas StokerCambridge City U15186
8Danny PrinceCambridge City U1542
9Finley WilkinsonCambridge City U15143
10Ben WillCambridge City U1557
11Fynn KennedyCambridge City U1530
12Ben LyddiattCambridge City U1530
14Joe CobbCambridge City U1550
15Morgan RobsonCambridge City U1500
15Callum AdamsCambridge City U1500
16Robert MacqueenCambridge City U1500
16Alex JonesCambridge City U1520
17Patrick IrvingCambridge City U1521
18Yann FarrerCambridge City U1541
19Archie MacleodCambridge City U1520
20Owen MulleeCambridge City U1561
23Finn GhagCambridge City U1500

U15 Manager: Dallas Lawrence
mobile: 07974 192472
Emergency Contact: Chris Wilkinson 07787 508818

Cambridge City U16

Callum BlackmoreCambridge City U1600
Callum DobbyneCambridge City U1600
Morgan StephensCambridge City U1600
Jacob JosephCambridge City U1600
Toby MoringCambridge City U1600
1Luca PintoCambridge City U1600
2George GilliesCambridge City U1600
3Edward BrophyCambridge City U1600
4Daniel TibbettCambridge City U1600
5Michael James BrandCambridge City U1600
6Sam CollisonCambridge City U1600
8Ryan George McGillvrayCambridge City U1600
9Cory MarshallCambridge City U1600
10Christian CarterCambridge City U1600
11Massie Gibbard-FattiCambridge City U1600
12Sam SimpsonCambridge City U1600
14Joe CesareCambridge City U1600
15Alfie WebbCambridge City U1600
16Jake Brian WilliamsCambridge City U1600
16Saeed ZamehranCambridge City U1600
18Ben ReeveCambridge City U1600
19Benjamin DruryCambridge City U1600

U16 Manager: Matt Mee
mobile: 07828 911497
Emergency Contact: Ian Knight 07905 661562