Braintree Town Teams

Braintree Town FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.
Chairman: Andy Jones
Mobile: 07798 930 694

Secretary: Lee Fisher
Address: 27 Ellen Way, Braintree, Essex CM77 7UU
Mobile: 07787 563353

Secretary: Lee Fisher
Mobile: 07787 563353

Braintree Town U13

Harry PhillipsBraintree Town U1300
1Finlay ShortenBraintree Town U1300
1William LeavettBraintree Town U1300
2Brandon childsBraintree Town U1300
2Wisdom IdeheaBraintree Town U1300
3Joseph JacksonBraintree Town U1300
4Cassius MurphyBraintree Town U1300
5Joe SnellBraintree Town U1300
6Harrison CrossBraintree Town U1300
7Aston CodeBraintree Town U1300
7Finley DevlinBraintree Town U1300
8Alfie JaquesBraintree Town U1300
9Elliott GameBraintree Town U1300
11Daniel AkomolafeBraintree Town U1300
12Ruben HuntBraintree Town U1300

U13 Manager: Nicky Fitch
Mobile: 07962 233893

Braintree Town U14

Jamie McdonaldBraintree Town U1400
Reggie GregoryBraintree Town U1400
Sam NortonBraintree Town U1400
Jamie WilliamsBraintree Town U1400
Gianni GarofaloBraintree Town U1400
Charlie BattenBraintree Town U1400
Fredrick AmbroseBraintree Town U1400
Matthew BrooksBraintree Town U1400
Kieran MillarBraintree Town U1400
Joseph O’brienBraintree Town U1400
Tommy LawrenceBraintree Town U1400
1Name of Player Braintree Town U14Braintree Town U1400
2Aaron ClementsBraintree Town U1400
3Daniel O’brienBraintree Town U1400

U14 Manager: Nicky Fitch
Mobile: 07962 233893

Braintree Town U15

Jamal GodwardBraintree Town U1500
Joseph EldredBraintree Town U1500
Mitchell SpicerBraintree Town U1500
Jake KnightBraintree Town U1500
Finley LongBraintree Town U1500
Jordi PappleBraintree Town U1500
Joshua AmbroseBraintree Town U1500
Thomas WatkinsBraintree Town U1500
Kai WilliamsBraintree Town U1500
Maximus LawesBraintree Town U1500
Alexander NortonBraintree Town U1500
Shane TempleBraintree Town U1500
Alfie HutchinsonBraintree Town U1500
Jack WilsonBraintree Town U1500
Samuel KingstonBraintree Town U1500
Charlie DaviesBraintree Town U1500
1Name of Player Braintree Town U15Braintree Town U1500
12Ethan DellerBraintree Town U1500

U15 Manager: Jason Lawes
Mobile: 07968 485703

Braintree Town U16

Callum RioroanBraintree Town U1600
Toby MorleyBraintree Town U1600
George PughBraintree Town U1600
Tyler Hume-ReidBraintree Town U1600
Thomas WestonBraintree Town U1600
James EarthyBraintree Town U1600
Edward VazquezBraintree Town U1600
Joshua JonesBraintree Town U1600
Shane AppsBraintree Town U1600
Gabriel GerlisBraintree Town U1600
Logan SmithBraintree Town U1600
Charlie StricklandBraintree Town U1600
Jaden BowdenBraintree Town U1600
Jack NealeBraintree Town U1600
George FrodshamBraintree Town U1600
Oliver HousdenBraintree Town U1600
1Name of Player Braintree Town U16Braintree Town U1600

U16 Manager: Paul Nicholson
Mobile: 07737 252311