Bishops Stortford Teams

Bishops Stortford FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Grant Henley
mobile: 07860 377221

Secretary: Nic Moylette
mobile: 07828 163934

Fixture Secretary: Morgan LaForce
mobile: 07595 361793

Bishops Stortford U13

2Wisdom IdeheaBishops Stortford U1330
3Luca WoolleyBishops Stortford U1300
4Louie Altman HurleyBishops Stortford U1300
5Ronnie DownerBishops Stortford U1300
5Ronnie DownerBishops Stortford U1300
6Johnny Smith-PryorBishops Stortford U1300
7Alessandro BerniBishops Stortford U1300
8Jaden MarzellBishops Stortford U1320
9Stefan SidorencuBishops Stortford U1359
10Mitchell Owers-DaleBishops Stortford U1330
11Sennen ShultonBishops Stortford U1311
12Joseph WalkerBishops Stortford U1300
14Charlie DobinsonBishops Stortford U1331
15Alfie ParkerBishops Stortford U1361
16Bobby BoldenBishops Stortford U1300
17Reece AndersonBishops Stortford U1300
18Cameron DouglasBishops Stortford U1300
19Callum FoordBishops Stortford U1300
20James CollinsBishops Stortford U1322
21Jack BarnesBishops Stortford U1300
22Joel FielderBishops Stortford U1320

U13 Manager: Simon Marzell
mobile: 07894 555692
Emergency Contact: Simon Marzell 07894 555692

Bishops Stortford U15

Rowan DorlingBishops Stortford U1500
Danny John LeaderBishops Stortford U1500
1Ricardo PachecoBishops Stortford U1500
2Oscar FolwellBishops Stortford U1500
3Hadley RichardsBishops Stortford U1500
4Harrison NixonBishops Stortford U1500
5Matt RyanBishops Stortford U1510
6Jack LincolnBishops Stortford U1500
7Sam HardyBishops Stortford U1500
8Tom MillettBishops Stortford U1500
9Sean LawBishops Stortford U1500
10Charlie PowellBishops Stortford U1501
11Louis HannamBishops Stortford U1500
13Atahan DiamondBishops Stortford U1500
14Kai HughesBishops Stortford U1500
15Edward Joseph LewinBishops Stortford U1500
16Jordan DocemoBishops Stortford U1510
17Kamarni CollingtonBishops Stortford U1500
20Madalin DumitruBishops Stortford U1500
29Freddie HannamBishops Stortford U1500

U15 Manager: Jason Millett
mobile: 07827 852530
Emergency Contact: John Millett 07827 852530

Bishops Stortford U18

Richmond AmakyeBishops Stortford U1800
Stan MukomeBishops Stortford U1800
Fabio RamziBishops Stortford U1800
Fredrick SmithBishops Stortford U1800
Rhys HauptBishops Stortford U1800
Kaan OnayBishops Stortford U1800
Kai SmithBishops Stortford U1800
1Jarvis MonkBishops Stortford U1800
3Marcus CrowtherBishops Stortford U1800
4George BrandBishops Stortford U1800
5Lewis WickerBishops Stortford U1800
5Rhamar Garrett DouglasBishops Stortford U1801
6Freddie OakmanBishops Stortford U1800
8Ethan BartonBishops Stortford U1800
9Callum TaylorBishops Stortford U1821
10Alfie MasonBishops Stortford U1812
12Max HutchinsonBishops Stortford U1800
14Jack WalkerBishops Stortford U1800
14Issac DurrantBishops Stortford U1810
16Ben KingBishops Stortford U1800
20Max BassingtonBishops Stortford U1800
20Belaid HaacoonBishops Stortford U1800

U18 Manager: Morgan LaForce
mobile: 07595 361793
Emergency Contact: Morgan LaForce. 07595 361793