Biggleswade Town Teams

Biggleswade Town FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Lee Allison
mobile: 07834 588304

Secretary: Faye Allinson
Address: bank Tree Cottage, 8 London Road, Welwyn, Herts AL6 9EL
Mobile: 07808 079273

Fixtures Secretary: Faye Allinson
Mobile: 07808 079273

Biggleswade Town U13

Riley GearyBiggleswade Town U1300
jamie stewart cunningtonBiggleswade Town U1300
Tyresse BloomfieldBiggleswade Town U1300
Matthew HarwoodBiggleswade Town U1311
Archie jollyBiggleswade Town U1300
callum archerBiggleswade Town U1300
kye scottBiggleswade Town U1300
harry fordeBiggleswade Town U1300
1Mason BettlesBiggleswade Town U1300
1Taylor BuchananBiggleswade Town U1300
1Max PitmanBiggleswade Town U1300
2daniel baughBiggleswade Town U1300
2Vinnie ClarkeBiggleswade Town U1310
3Scott YatesBiggleswade Town U1300
4jasper HudsonBiggleswade Town U1301
4jasper Hudson (Copy)Biggleswade Town U1300
7Mitchall McbrienBiggleswade Town U1301
8Charlie WalkerBiggleswade Town U1301
9Lavel Davis-ThomasBiggleswade Town U1340
10Harry ArchboldBiggleswade Town U1300
11Presley lillyBiggleswade Town U1312
17Ryan SampuitaBiggleswade Town U1311
21Ace BarkerBiggleswade Town U1300
21Ace Barker (Copy)Biggleswade Town U1300

U13 Manager: Lee Allinson
mobile: 07834 588304

Biggleswade Town U14

Reece LambertBiggleswade Town U1400
Joe GallargoBiggleswade Town U1400
Darnel Craig WrightBiggleswade Town U1400
ross ArisBiggleswade Town U1400
1Edward PhillipsBiggleswade Town U1400
3Kojo Antwi Appiah-NyamaahBiggleswade Town U1400
5Lounis GuemacheBiggleswade Town U1401
6Andi CelaBiggleswade Town U1430
8Mark TillerBiggleswade Town U1410
9Harvey HollidayBiggleswade Town U1401
11Luke RevellsBiggleswade Town U1400
12Joshua HumblesBiggleswade Town U1400
13Alfie PhillipsBiggleswade Town U1400
14Jay James ThomasBiggleswade Town U1400
15Loui BarnesBiggleswade Town U1401
18George AylottBiggleswade Town U1410

U14 Manager: Darren Reynolds
mobile: 07795 263098

Biggleswade Town U15

Olakitan AdagunBiggleswade Town U1500
muhammad zilboudBiggleswade Town U1500
Morgan DeanBiggleswade Town U1500
morgan alan michael deanBiggleswade Town U1500
Dominic Jon SinfieldBiggleswade Town U1500
mayvin vigneswaranBiggleswade Town U1500
Morgan Dean (Copy)Biggleswade Town U1500
1Cameron GroomBiggleswade Town U1500
3Noah BradshawBiggleswade Town U1500
4Corey CarterBiggleswade Town U1500
6Finley HaydenBiggleswade Town U1500
7Kyle WilliamsBiggleswade Town U1500
9Kenan StephensBiggleswade Town U1500
11Alfie o’dellBiggleswade Town U1500
13Kade BaggeBiggleswade Town U1500
17Jack HewittBiggleswade Town U1500
18corey stephen HamiltonBiggleswade Town U1500
22Joshua ByrneBiggleswade Town U1500
22Reece ElliottBiggleswade Town U1500
80Harrison JudgeBiggleswade Town U1500

U15 Manager: Eshmale Mills
mobile: 07886 961742

Biggleswade Town U17

Finley BrunelBiggleswade Town U1700
Cameron RutherfordBiggleswade Town U1700
Jack GilbertBiggleswade Town U1700
Jake PatonBiggleswade Town U1700
sam phillpottBiggleswade Town U1700
1Patrick Robert SinfieldBiggleswade Town U1700
2Luke GymerBiggleswade Town U1700
3James HughesBiggleswade Town U1700
4Leon TaylorBiggleswade Town U1700
6cillian millsBiggleswade Town U1700
7Henry YoungBiggleswade Town U1700
8Murphy CulkinBiggleswade Town U1700
9Alphonso MarshallBiggleswade Town U1700
10Robert FrielBiggleswade Town U1700
14Matthew FraserBiggleswade Town U1700
15Lewis ThomasBiggleswade Town U1700
17Keown CantBiggleswade Town U1700
18Dominic AndersonBiggleswade Town U1700
19Harry WatsonBiggleswade Town U1700
28Connor McbrienBiggleswade Town U1700

U17 Manager: Marc Sinfield
mobile: 07801 198665

Biggleswade Town U18

1Tyler MitchellBiggleswade Town U1800
2Niall KateleyBiggleswade Town U1800
3George DevineBiggleswade Town U1800
4Beau McmahonBiggleswade Town U1800
5Sam PatonBiggleswade Town U1800
6Phillip AlexandrouBiggleswade Town U1800
8Edi GaribovicBiggleswade Town U1800
9Elliott BeevorBiggleswade Town U1800
10Luca AllinsonBiggleswade Town U1800
11Robbie BuchananBiggleswade Town U1800
15Samuel GibsonBiggleswade Town U1800
18George FitterBiggleswade Town U1800
25Robert BanksBiggleswade Town U1800

U18 Manager: Lee Allinson
mobile: 07834 588304