AFC Hornchurch Teams

AFC Hornchurch

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: John Guyton
Mobile: 07943 812574

Secretary: Leslie Thwaites
6 Meadow Way, Upminster, Essex, RM14 3AA
mobile: 07903 022061

Fixture Secretary:Leslie Thwaites
mobile: 07903 022061

AFC Hornchurch U13

1Freddie WilkinsAFC Hornchurch U1300
3Joe McCarthyAFC Hornchurch U1300
4Jamie McsweenyAFC Hornchurch U1300
5Henry TuttonAFC Hornchurch U1300
6Conner BaileyAFC Hornchurch U1300
7Jonas MukunaAFC Hornchurch U1300
8Rudhar SobhieAFC Hornchurch U1300
9Jeremy ObiAFC Hornchurch U1300
10Matas SkarnaAFC Hornchurch U1300
11Julian YamvwaAFC Hornchurch U1300
12Mak DelvicAFC Hornchurch U1300
14Finley O sullivanAFC Hornchurch U1300
15Shahid NalloAFC Hornchurch U1300
16Jack EdwardsAFC Hornchurch U1300

U13 Manager: Gary Clancy
mobile: 07984 046720

AFC Hornchurch U14

Jaiden Lebron BuntinAFC Hornchurch U1400
1ted ivoryAFC Hornchurch U1400
2mason henryAFC Hornchurch U1400
3tommy mccarthyAFC Hornchurch U1400
4tyreece heckmanAFC Hornchurch U1400
5jess oshitolaAFC Hornchurch U1400
6adam olojedeAFC Hornchurch U1400
7reiss hatwellAFC Hornchurch U1400
9alfie horanAFC Hornchurch U1400
10bishop prempehAFC Hornchurch U1400
11jack curtisAFC Hornchurch U1400
12joshua spinksAFC Hornchurch U1400
15arthur jeansAFC Hornchurch U1400
16jermain kitokoAFC Hornchurch U1400
20denisas ruseviciusAFC Hornchurch U1400
21billy lawlorAFC Hornchurch U1400

U14 Manager: Scott Hatwell
mobile: 07862 704954

AFC Hornchurch U15

1Joseph FennAFC Hornchurch U1500
2Joe BurnsAFC Hornchurch U1500
3Will HarrisAFC Hornchurch U1500
4Tyron DentonAFC Hornchurch U1500
5Bill TaylorAFC Hornchurch U1500
6Kenneth ManingAFC Hornchurch U1510
7John SasereAFC Hornchurch U1540
8Jacob TurkAFC Hornchurch U1500
9Charles JeansAFC Hornchurch U1530
10Oliver MooreAFC Hornchurch U1500
11Adrian HoxaAFC Hornchurch U1510
12Richard OlaniyanAFC Hornchurch U1520
14Kacpar GruszcrynskiAFC Hornchurch U1510
16Joseph AbiodunAFC Hornchurch U1500
17Callum BalsomAFC Hornchurch U1510
20Georgie HatcherAFC Hornchurch U1500
20Luke May-ParrotAFC Hornchurch U1500
22Reece ElliottAFC Hornchurch U1500

U15 Manager: Glen Robson
mobile: 07595 219406

AFC Hornchurch U16

1Jack WalkerAFC Hornchurch U1600
2Dominic ClatworthyAFC Hornchurch U1600
2Edward MatthewsAFC Hornchurch U1600
3Torgbor Torto-TettehAFC Hornchurch U1600
4Oliver HeathAFC Hornchurch U1600
5James HegartyAFC Hornchurch U1600
6Jeffrey NjugunaAFC Hornchurch U1600
7Obakeng MolefiAFC Hornchurch U1600
8Luke MundorferAFC Hornchurch U1600
9Sebastian TowseAFC Hornchurch U1600
10Harrison SullivanAFC Hornchurch U1600
11Sonny DuttonAFC Hornchurch U1600
14Jack BrownAFC Hornchurch U1600
15Jalil TaiwoAFC Hornchurch U1600
16Ben AllenAFC Hornchurch U1600
17Sonny LeeksAFC Hornchurch U1600
19James LickfoldAFC Hornchurch U1600

U16 Manager: Peter Dutton
mobile: 07956 101978

AFC Hornchurch U17

0Nicoli BraithwaiteAFC Hornchurch U1700
0Joseph AdewunmiAFC Hornchurch U1700
0Mohammed RazaAFC Hornchurch U1700
0Tyron BakerAFC Hornchurch U1700
0Bernard kosiaAFC Hornchurch U1700
1Mitchell MasonAFC Hornchurch U1700
2George HarrisAFC Hornchurch U1700
3James CandyAFC Hornchurch U1700
4Charlie MunnsAFC Hornchurch U1700
6George IshmailAFC Hornchurch U1710
7Tommy TableporterAFC Hornchurch U1700
8Tom TroubridgeAFC Hornchurch U1700
9Owen RamiAFC Hornchurch U1700
10Billy JacksonAFC Hornchurch U1710
11Tyrell HolderAFC Hornchurch U1700
14Jack O ConnorAFC Hornchurch U1710
15Bradley RowlandAFC Hornchurch U1710
16Leandro Da GloriaAFC Hornchurch U1700
17Charlie HawesAFC Hornchurch U1700
18Callum McdonnellAFC Hornchurch U1700
20Kyran ReesAFC Hornchurch U1700
23joe HumeAFC Hornchurch U1700

U17 Manager: Lee Benson
mobile: 07808294525