AFC Dunstable Teams

AFC Dunstable FC

All players in the age group teams of a specific club in the Eastern Junior Alliance League
are listed below along with all staff and details.

Chairman: Simon Bullard
Mobile: 07956 447995

Secretary: Dave Collins
Address: 4 Sturdy Lane, Woburn Sands, Bucks MK17 8GD
Mobile: 07811 288285

Fixtures Secretary:

AFC Dunstable U15

1Adisorn ConnollyAFC Dunstable U1500
1Josh BowlerAFC Dunstable U1500
2Miles SharpAFC Dunstable U1510
3Alex HelsbyAFC Dunstable U1510
5Tom HorrellAFC Dunstable U1500
6Alfie CollinsAFC Dunstable U1510
8Lewis CrosbieAFC Dunstable U1500
9Matthew MoloneyAFC Dunstable U15290
10Oliver SeebyAFC Dunstable U1520
11Tra LucasAFC Dunstable U15110
12Jacob JonesAFC Dunstable U1500
15Cian MarumAFC Dunstable U1500
16Jack ShearsAFC Dunstable U1500
17Taro ChitepoAFC Dunstable U1530
18Serhan DogruerAFC Dunstable U1500
19Mohammed Tajdar KhanAFC Dunstable U1540
20Cameron SteeleAFC Dunstable U1500
23Shem Junior MusvaburiAFC Dunstable U1550
25Charlie LoverAFC Dunstable U1500
45Abuzar KhanAFC Dunstable U1550

U15 Manager: Dave Collins
Mobile: 07811 288285

AFC Dunstable U16

1Samuel IrishAFC Dunstable U1600
2Elton AtatAFC Dunstable U1600
3Ben MartinAFC Dunstable U1600
3Joshua SetchellAFC Dunstable U1600
4Jack AldridgeAFC Dunstable U1600
5Adam TilsonAFC Dunstable U1600
6Josh DooleyAFC Dunstable U1600
7Nick RalfeAFC Dunstable U1600
8Joshua AdamsAFC Dunstable U1600
9Bryce Barnes-GarnerAFC Dunstable U1600
10Nathan HossenAFC Dunstable U1600
11Ben AndrewsAFC Dunstable U1600
16Fletcher HedgeAFC Dunstable U1600
17Sammy Leonard – MouldAFC Dunstable U1600
17Leon Parillon-ChambersAFC Dunstable U1600
18Curtis DibleyAFC Dunstable U1600
20Tyler MartinAFC Dunstable U1600
21James AllenAFC Dunstable U1600
22Ben MooreAFC Dunstable U1600
89Teddy DanielsAFC Dunstable U1600

U16 Manager: Simon Davey
Mobile: 07886 953414